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We are your reliable supplier of machine tools for metal, sheet metal and wood, as well as Silent oil compressors fre, Medical Air, with high quality screw pistons. We are the only and direct representative in Italy of the main European company PWA BERNARDO, CORMAK, which offers a complete range of machines for professional metal, hobby, metal, wood, sheet metal and additional equipment for service and production companies since 2009. The only representative of the German company IMPLOTEX and AFLATEK, manufacturer of unrivaled Silent oil free, piston and screw compressors.The complete details of the company are as follows:

Magnet Discount Srls.
Via Vittime di Via Fani, 8 -Taviano 73057 (LE) Italy
P.IVA: IT04943640757
[email protected]
Tel: 0833/607166. Cell: 388. 87 80 306

Why you should trust our company ? !!!

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We have the widest range of machine tools and processing equipment of metal and wood, as well as silent oil free compressors of the best brands: we invite you to view the complete descriptions of the machines, together with photos, prices and files to download: the technical data sheet offered.

We offer immediate availability of goods thanks to the high inventory of most of the products in Italy and to the very frequent stocks from the central office in Germany, Austria and Poland. We generally process your orders within 48 hours work, usually in 24 hours. In the absence of an assortment in stock in Italy, we can deliver it directly from the central office in Germany or Austria. The machines are delivered by courier BRT insured of course you can pick up the goods in person. Thanks to the spare parts warehouse and to the experience of our service technicians, repairs of possible damage are carried out without delay, we provide warranty (24 months for the entire range), we invite you to look at the machines and consult you when you choose.The most important thing - we treat our customers seriously and with respect not only during the sale of machinery, but for the entire period of use - professionalism and assistance in every m of the collaboration, as well as a kind and professional service


PWA-Austria, owner of the BERNARDO brand, is a consortium recognized throughout Europe with a long tradition in the machine tool market.

40 years have passed since the founding of PWA in 1979, but the principles and ambitions have remained the same: to offer the widest range of machinery, equipment and accessories for processing wood, metal and sheet metal at the lowest possible price while maintaining the best quality - to meet the needs of each customer. The company has nearly 10,000 square meters of warehouse and exhibition hall as well as the best specialists in the industry. It offers its products in 26 European countries, constantly expanding the market. As a direct representative, we are happy to successfully strengthen your position in our country. We guarantee that this brand defends itself.

We invite you to a group of thousands of satisfied customers.