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Gentilin Air Compressor 24 LT. C330 / 24

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Cod.Art: 212843

C330 / 24 compressor

Brand: Gentilin


The C330 / 24 compressor is part of the COMPACT line, the only line of dry compressors in the market. Unique because it combines two apparently contrasting characteristics such as very high air yields and extreme compactness and portability. The various versions available guarantee the operator maximum versatility without compromise, in the most varied situations. Mobility, power, reliability. Features Clean air: dry mechanical (without lubricating oil). Minimized maintenance: dry working are not subject to oil changes and filters. AXXER mechanical system (Axial Elements Rotation). AXXER allows a more natural, more silent, high efficiency movement. AXXER introduces the concept of "2-head monopistone" and is the only mechanical piston system in the world, designed and developed for dry running (without lubricating oil). This system allows Gentilin compressors to have unique characteristics such as: - low temperature operation - halved maintenance - 20% higher efficiency - 10% lower consumption - reduced noise emissions - perfect phasing and powerful and constant air flow up to 5000 hours of continuous work without any intervention. The AXXER two-head monopistone slides axially inside special aluminum cylinders, equipped with ceramic OXYD coating, drastically reducing transverse thrust forces, and therefore wear. Compactness and portability: 24 liter tubular tank, extendable handle, solid rubber wheels. Work without breaks: work class S1, suitable for continuous use (24h) eliminates thermal stops. Developed for use in extreme conditions: low voltage starting (185V) with long range electric cables. Guaranteed operation even below freezing. Air inlet filtering system against dust and particulates. Advanced control system: double pressure control pressure gauge (tank and outlet air). Manual pressure regulator. ON-OFF button. Control devices: air outlet quick tap, outlet pressure regulator, "ON-OFF" switch, pressure switch, power supply cable, tank pressure gauge, outlet pressure gauge. Safety devices The machine is equipped with the following safety devices: Safety valve. It is a certified safety valve (set at 10.5 bar), installed on the pneumatic system under the pressure switch. it serves to discharge the system overpressure if the pressure switch, for any anomalies, does not work. the intervention of the safety valve obliges the operator to switch off the machine and request the intervention of maintenance personnel. Pressure switch. It is an electro-pneumatic device (set at min. 7 bar max. 10 bar) installed on the pneumatic system. It is used to control the automatic start-up of the machine when the operating pressure drops to 7 bar and the automatic stop when the operating pressure reaches 10 bar. Fixed protection fan for cooling fan. It is a fixed protection consisting of a plastic grid fixed with screws at the base of the two-cylinder pumping unit. It is used to prevent accidental contact with the moving cooling fan. Resettable thermal. It is a thermal protection installed on the electrical system, which stops the electric motor in case of current overload and / or short circuit. The reset can be performed using the relative button. Tank pressure gauge. It is a measuring device installed on the tank of the machine. Displays the pressure of the compressed air inside the tank. Output pressure gauge. And a measuring device installed on the pneumatic system of the machine upstream of the air outlet quick tap. Displays the outlet pressure, adjustable using the specific pressure regulator (0 ÷ 10 bar). Field of use Industrial, craft and civil

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Data sheet

Weight kg:)
Engine speed
Air delivery
Noise in Decibels
Air tank capacity
Max pressure
Power supply
220/230v 50HZ
Engine power in HP:
3 HP
Engine power in KW :
2.2 KW
Misure macchina (L x L x H)
Aria aspirata

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