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Cool your home in a natural way and keep a healthy air in your rooms! Radialight Evaporative Coolers are the alternative solution to classic air conditioners as they allow you to cool the air of your home in an economical and natural way, using water and ice. Ideal for those who do not tolerate the excessive cold caused by air conditioners, offering a more natural and less aggressive solution, especially to combat the hot and dry summer climate, allowing the air to be humidified, purifying it and making it more healthy, fresh and breathable. The consumption of the Radialight evaporative coolers is very low (from 50W to 170W depending on the model), and this is combined with the convenience of having a product easily transportable between the various rooms of your home, thanks to the integrated wheels and controllable remotely with the remote control included in each model. The oscillation function makes it possible to direct the jet of fresh air right where you feel you need it and the automatic timed switch-off functions will make the Radialight coolers a valid ally against torrid summer nights. Careful and minimal design, to occupy the minimum space required within your rooms and allow you to safely put the product away when no longer needed.


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