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Remeza compressors

Remeza piston compressors with FIAC compressor head (Italy) Remeza compressors, manufactured on the basis of the FIAC compressor blocks, are distinguished by their high build quality. The production line of FIAC piston compressor head plant is quite wide. It is possible to buy oil-free piston compressors with direct transmission, oil units with direct transmission, oil systems with belt drive and horizontal / vertical air manifold, compressors with 2 compressor heads and 2 electric motors installed on the same receiver (tandem version). Also in our assortment there are piston compressors with increased pressure (up to 16 bar) and diesel units that can work in standar mode. Remeza oil-free piston compressors with direct transmission, FIAC compressor head (Italy) The series of oil-free compressors presented in the range of Vozdukh Group of Companies is used in companies where compressed air must be obtained without oil impurities. These units are suitable for small painting jobs and can be used as a mobile source of compressed air during installation and finishing work in open areas and rooms.

Remeza compressors

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