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Air compressors for all needs! Our company "Aflatex" has been selling air compressors for many years. Because we know the needs of our customers, we supply a variety of different products. Maybe you work at home and you need an air driven oil compressor with direct drive for small jobs? Or maybe you work in a garage and you need an air compressor with a high performance air belt drive? Or do you work in the food and medical sector where you need an oil / free compressor that works silently and doesn't cause much noise? Or maybe you have a factory and you need a screw compressor? All these air compressors and more are here! Oil or direct transmission compressors are the most suitable for small domestic or agricultural work. Since air compressors have direct actuators, they cannot operate for long without stopping and their work is quite burdensome. However, there is the best price option. Belt driven air compressors with direct transmission - suitable for intensive work. When the air compressor has to work for longer periods without stopping. Mainly used in garages, car bodies and elsewhere. The supply of these air compressors is very diversified, so it is possible to choose from a 50 liter tank suitable for small but intense jobs with capacity up to 500 liters with the ability to connect and work for a long time without interference. In addition to piston air compressors, or with direct transmission, their operating principle is different. Thanks to the excellent technology, the noise is reduced to the minimum possible, so you can work close to the compressor without breaking your head, and feeling comfortable. Depending on the model with these air compressors it is possible to work in a variety of sectors, from home to industry! Screw air compressors - for intensive industrial works. The high performance of the air compressor makes it possible to equip the appliance with the right amount of air and therefore intensive work, it cannot stop.

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