Metal processing machines

Our brands are proven solutions recommended by our customers for many years. We offer only the highest quality machines and constantly strive to improve their standards. We provide professional warranty and post-warranty assistance for the machines sold. Our engineers have the appropriate knowledge and training for the use and maintenance of all our machines and equipment for wood and metal. Our suppliers are the result of the best proven solutions in over twelve years. Tested solutions in both heavy industry and artisans. Solutions that have worked well and that today form the basis of a good standard. It is difficult to get a better recommendation. Metal machine tools are a wide range of machines used in many industries. Thanks to them, elements are produced for the construction of other machines or devices, profiles are produced that are used for health, safety at work, etc. They are divided into two groups: CNC machine tools - CNC and conventional machines such as milling machines, lathes, cutters and others. The milling machines are powerful machine tools used in the industry of machines for surface machining with cutters, face milling and milling heads. In addition, they cut non-rotating shaped surfaces using shaped cutting edges. The lathes are machines that work on external rotating surfaces - The cut band saws are to ensure the continuity of the cutting process. After processing in a conventional machine, a finished product is obtained. A definite advantage of these machine tools is the relatively low production cost, thanks to which the factories can offer their customers competitive rates.

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